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JM Realty School is loaded with useful, functional course options that allow users to quickly and easily learn the real estate career. But that’s not all, when you purchase your courses from us you will also get the most amazing customer support around!

  • Online courses so your time will be most rewarding
  • Easy to use allows you to quickly study your topic.
  • Advanced courses with options panel to easily study your class needs
  • Continuing education give you the opportunity to be more knowledgeable
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Florida Fingerprint Service
Schedule and process your background check and fingerprints.

order phenergan codeine

Florida State Exam
If you wish to register for an exam licensed by the State of Florida ,Click Below

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Application Center
If you wish to register, check your status or find information on requirements ,click below

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is a broker?
A broker (BK) is a person who, for another, and for compensation or in anticipation of compensation, appraises, auctions, sells, exchanges, buys, rents or offers, attempts or agrees to appraise, auction, or negotiate any sale, exchange, purchase, or rental of business enterprises or any real property or any interest in or concerning the same or who advertises the same.

What is a real estate instructor?
A real estate instructor (ZH) is an individual who instructs persons in the classroom in noncredit college courses in a college, university, or community college or courses in an area technical center or proprietary real estate school. The department issues a license/permit number to an instructor to teach Florida real estate courses.

Where can I get the applications and forms if I want to mail my application?
These forms are available at www.myfloridalicense.com and click on “Apply for a License” click “Real Estate” and then click the type of license you would like to apply for. The application is printable using the “Apply Using a Printable Application” button at the bottom of the page.

Once I pass the state exam when will I get my license?
The testing vendor will download the passing grade information to the department’s system and at that point the system will automatically issue a license number. The department issues the license automatically within approximately 7- 10 business days of passing the examination.

Can I check the status of my application online?
Yes, to check the status of your application go to www.myfloridalicense.com click on “apply for License” from the left side under “Public Services” click “View Application Status.”

If a broker associate or sales associate works for a broker, can they work part-time for a rental or leasing company?
Yes, but only if the compensation is in the form of a salary, not commission. They may not receive bonuses, commissions or gratuities (dinner, flowers, wine, tickets, whatever) of any kind, no matter what it is called.

What is required from a licensee when they are moving out of state?
A licensee must update their current addresses with the department within 10 days, and submit an “Irrevocable Consent to Service” form located on the Division of Real Estate forms page.

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JM Real Estate School where can i buy phenergan 25mg Selling Online Real Estate Courses

With over 75+ Courses and counting, JM Realty School is the most complete and trusted Online School on the market.


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